31 May 2014

.EDEN. by a.n.c.Ltd

Seriously Friends, how time flies!!! It's again THE month - A new round of (Oh-Sweet-Agony) 

I had a huge opportunity to shoot my absolute favorite from the June's Arcade round.

aki from a.n.c.Ltd has created something breathtaking, mind blowing items to fill our needs.

Are you ready to enter? 

- Eden -

{anc} EDEN. chapel RARE 
{anc} EDEN. wagon  RARE 
{anc} EDEN. music Common
{anc} EDEN. space Common
{anc} EDEN. wing /  gold Common
{anc} EDEN.olive / tree Common

:+:SS:+: Unicorn Pose Prop (Sit & Touch For Menu)

common - ALL 1Li or 2Li. RARE-chapel 35Li , wagon 9Li
(ALL mesh . size up = Li up)

Hugs, Asa

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