31 May 2015

.:The Lion Tamer:.

“Did you think the lion was sleeping because he didn't roar?” 

- Friedrich Schiller -

Baiastice - Dhriti Turban headpiece - Orange @ Uber
IKON - Sovereign Eyes - Nymph
[MANDALA] - Prophecy Necklace - Sunrise
{anc} Hatsuyume / blue peacock @ The Arcade
Baiastice - Lekha Dress - Turmeric @ Uber
[CX] - Lethal Talons (Gold) Maitreya @ Kustom9
AZOURY - Imperial Shoe - Yellow @ FAD

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

{anc} Hatsuyume for The Arcace

Aki from .a.n.c. Ltd. has created this dreamy, delicate collection called Hatsuyume. 
I'm totally in love with the fragile beauty of the items. 

Hope you like it as much as I do and  get yours from The Arcade which opens tomorrow, June 1st 2015.

{anc} Hatsuyume / white peacock PET RARE
{anc} Hatsuyume / flower branch (stand) gold 

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

30 May 2015

.:Tooth Fairy:.

“Watch out! Your karma will catch up with you.” 

- Ruth Howell, Fairy Friends -

.Shi - Randoms in Bag @ The Arcade [June 1st 2015]

.Shi : Headphone [V2.B.Gold] RARE
.Shi : Leather Grained Backpack [Chilli] RARE
.Shi : Slackers Bar

Xo, Asa

29 May 2015

8f8 Green Grocers - Arcade June 2015

I had this wonderful opportunity to blog 8f8 Green Grocers - collection  for the June round of The Arcade.

Collection is once again utterly beautiful, detailed to the extreme and versatile for our needs to use.

Here's just a few images to peek.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and go get yours on 1st of June!

Location L'Arc en Ciel
Sim will open for public again on 1st of June. 

Xo, Asa

28 May 2015


“Books to the ceiling, 
Books to the sky, 
My pile of books is a mile high. 
How I love them! How I need them! 
I'll have a long beard by the time I read them.” 

- Arnold Lobel -

AZOURY - Aristochat Headwear  for We <3 Role Play

Opens 4th June

* Rowne. - Raquel Ponytail - Style 03 (MeshHead)
*_M.birdie Story_* - Cheolrik Look Long B7 S @ Shiny Shabby

* {anc} garden. oldbooks
* AF Slipcover Chair (Tapestry) RARE
* 7 - Piano PE-9A 1946

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

27 May 2015


"In all the kingdom of the living, there is no more deadly or voracious creature than the 
Preying Mantis!"

- Dr. Ned Jackson :The Deadly Mantis - 

AZOURY - Praying Mantis for The Chapter Four 4th June

Xo, Asa


“Speak to me...be eloquent, be brilliant for me. Improvise! Rhapsodize!... I ask for cream and you give me milk and water... Please gather your dreams together into words. 

- Edmond Rostand -

Addams // Rapsodia Jacket w/ T-Shirt // Maitreya for Uber
* Worn without Shirt

.LeLutka. - Cassie long hair
.LeLutka. - Ciara cornrows.Long
[MANDALA]- Prophecy Jewelry - Sunrise
Tee*fy - Lenka Bralet (Tube) - BlueTropical
Tee*fy - Su Pencil Skirt - Sunny
[CX] - Lethal Talons (Gold) Maitreya @ Kustom9
LAYOVER - .K h o i. Bloom Gem Box Clutch - Bubble Gum
Glamistry - ANEMUNA Heels - maitreya

Xo, Asa

26 May 2015


“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.” 

- Coco Chanel -

Rowne. - Leighton - light Blond @ Uber
[Z O O M] Paris Club 69 Glasses
.Enfant Terrible. - Star choker - Black
.Enfant Terrible. - Showstar Pauldrons - Green
(Espy) - Lux Dress - Green @ Fameshed 1st June
(Espy) - Lux Clutch - Black @ Fameshed 1st June
.random.Matter. - Norbu Wrist Cuff - Copper @ Uber
Izzie's - Studded Tights - White @ TDRF
Pure Poison - Yalla Flats - Gold - Maitreya @ Uber

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

25 May 2015

.:Hate Me:.

“I want to scream sometimes, because I hate when people refer to a dead person as the “late” so and so. 
I’m sorry to break that bad news, but that person isn’t just late — they’re not even coming!” 

- Jarod Kintz -

.LeLutka. - Cassie short hair
Meva - Milan Sunglass @ FamouStation
h.m.a.e.m. - hummingbird dress - black
UnitedColors - ornamental shoe - purple @ Cosmopolitan

Ex Machina - Marconi, Portable Radio Station @ Cosmopolitan

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

24 May 2015


“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.” 

- Stephen King, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption: A Story from Different Seasons -

AZOURY - Imperial for FAD May 28th
* Special price for the Orange: L$199
Other colors: L$299

A pair of shoe for the theme "Bird of Prey" and colors are orange,yellow,cream,white,brown,gray... with the front of it, which could think to be of a bird beak!
Also in Black for those who does not like the colors.

*LODE* Hat - Warrior
*Dura - Girl*33(Black)
r2 A/D/E leather jacket[S]orange
GizzA - Absinthe Legging Dress [Black]
AZOURY - Imperial Shoe - Orange - (Maitreya) @ FDA May 28th

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

20 May 2015


“No matter how little your light is, let it shine!” 

- Saji Ijiyemi- 

AZOURY - SVETLANA - Big Rose (midnight blue)
MINA Hair - Myrtle (materials) @ Shiny Shabby 
AZOURY - SVETLANA - Necklace (midnight blue&red)
Izzie's - *resize* Gentleman's Glasses red @ TLC
*_M.birdie Story_* - Cheolrik Look Long B4 @ Shiny Shabby
{Reverie} - Haight-Ashbury Bag - Navy @ Shiny Shabby
Pure Poison - Sandra Sandals - Maitreya @ Shiny Shabby

[ zerkalo ] Love Nest Gacha for Shiny Shabby
* [ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Books
* [ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Clock
* [ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Love Sign
* [ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Loveseat - RARE
* [ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Pillows
* [ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Rug
* [ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Slippers Female

ISPACHI [Breaghwy] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE [Basket]
[ContraptioN] Decor: Mark's Lamp @ 6th Republic

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

19 May 2015

.:Stand Out:.

“If you are too afraid to offend anyone, then I'm afraid you may not be able to do anything remarkable” 

- Bernard Kelvin Clive -

booN - TKI808 hair - chocolate
[MANDALA] - Kiku corsage - Kiiro (Yellow)
Amala - The Smitten Kitten Sunglasses - Lemon @ IDK
MONS / MESH - Septum Ring (style22) gold
AZOURY - Caeso Necklace (Cream) @ Men Only Month
.: ryvolter :. Zira Shoulder Goat Fur Coat - Pearl 
!APHORISM! End Of Days Tunic - Female - White 
AZOURY - Wedge Sandal - Brown (Maitreya) @ Shiny Shabby
.: ryvolter :. Cora 32 cm - Golden

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

18 May 2015

.:Chocolate Rabbit:.

“It's strange. How hollow i feel. Like there might be echoes inside of me. Like I'm one of those chocolate rabbits they used to sell around Easter, the ones that were nothing more than a sweet shell encapsulating a world of nothing. I'm like that. I encapsulate a world of nothing.” 

- Tahereh Mafi, Unravel Me -

[Entwined] Kiara - Ombres @ Secret Affair
*katat0nik* Blackout Eye Rose @ Oneword
Pure Poison - Akira Leather Collar - Black & Silver @ Secret Affair
[White~Widow] Birdy Tattoo- Maitreya Mesh Body
Kibitz - Aela body chain - silver @ Secret Affair
[CX] Lethal Talons (Silver) Maitreya @ Kustom9
antielle. Baroque Corset Stockings in Crow @ IDK

Xo, Asa

17 May 2015


“The point is that something I thought was perfect has been broken, and I'm having to find the beauty in what is there instead of what I thought was there. 
Like this shell. 
I can either spend all my time wishing it were perfect, trying to imagine it the way it was or might have been, or I can see how beautiful it is just like this. ” 

- James Howe, The Watcher -

[Deadwool] Bowler hat - black
little bones. Birdie - Light Blond
Amala - The Smitten Kitten Sunglasses - Black @ IDK
[TfAtN] Blessing Necklace Air/Black
United Colors - fringe ornamental women vest - black @ Kustom9
.: ryvolter :. Marina Leather Bralette - Black
Addams // Skeleton Skinny Jean w/ Belt // Maitreya Kustom9
ISON - folded leather clutch (navy)
RO - Compensator Heel for Slink @ Kustom9

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

12 May 2015


“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” 

- Mae West -

AZOURY - Neith - Horn head accessory (Black) for The Secret Affair
AZOURY - DIVINE - Wedge Sandals (Maitreya) for The Secret Affair
Open: may 15th and will end on the 29th.

tram D802 hair / jetblack
SAS - Fury Black Jacket (Fitted Mesh)
SAS - Fury Black Pants (Mesh)

Xo, Asa

11 May 2015


"Ashera is neither kind nor loving to the beings of this world. Neither is she holy nor base, angel nor devil. 
She is...restriction. Order. Stability. Past. Certainty. Restraint. She is Ashera."

AZOURY - Ashera Head Accessory - Black @ On9
TuTy's - LIMBO_Wet look hair - Black
[LWL] - Cage veil - front only (Black and white)
GizzA - Rococo Fiori / collar
[MANDALA]- Kiku-corsage- Red
(Espy) - Drape Bodycon - Dual
{mon tissu} Workwear Leather Wristlet (Rigged) ~ Sea Green (not available)
Pure Poison - Le Ballet Flats - Green for Maitreya

[ keke ] hanging bottled flowers - red

Xo, Asa

10 May 2015


“Think of what starlight 
And lamplight would lack 
Diamonds and fireflies 
If they couldn’t lean against Black. . . .” 

- Mary O'Neill, Hailstones and Halibut Bones -

[Deadwool] - Bowler hat - black
Lamb. - Ultraviolet @ C88
!:Lybra:! - N'Bunny Collar Black Leather Platinum @ On9
Zaara - Banjara silver talisman necklace
.: ryvolter :. - Marina Leather Bralette - Black 
*COCO* - JacketOverShoulders(StripeBlack)
Bleich - Mesh Stud Clutch - Black (no pose)
BUENO - Capri Pants -Reg-Lara-White @ Fameshed
Pure Poison - Taxi Flats - Maitreya - Black

8f8 - Dreamer's Box - Flock of Lights @ 6th Republic

Xo, Asa

8 May 2015


I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending...

- Revelation -

AZOURY - OMEGA (Silver/ Rusty) @ Totally Top Shelf
AZOURY - TCF Gift 2nd Anniversary @ The Chapter Four
8f8 - Dreamers's Box - Dandelion @ 6th Republic Event

Xo, Asa

6 May 2015


“She had a flower tattoo on her wrist; "What does that mean?" he asked her. 
"Absolutely nothing," she said, "it's just a flower.” 

- C. JoyBell C. -

Modulus - Rowe Hat - Red @ TCF
[INK] Hair - MID ::Blonde @ TMD
Addams // Quilted Jacket w/ Hoodie & Shirt @ TMD
[monso] - My Slim Jean (girls/flat feet) - Splatter @ TMD
*COCO* - Lace-UpBoots - DarkOlive

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

5 May 2015


“I love staring at my books for hours just trying to decide which book to read next. 
Doing that is almost as fun as actually reading them.” 

- Love The Stacks Bookstore -

[Entwined] Talisa - Reds @ We <3 RP
AMITOMO. Shirt+Sweatshirt tied around neck SET2 @ TCF
NOMAD // Inhaler // Red (F) @ TCF
.: ryvolter :. Karo Satin Culottes - Royal
[ dynasty ] - Ohm Bracelet - Silver & Sky Blue @ TCF
*_M.birdie Story_* basic eco bag4 @ TCF
JD - Lacey Flat - Maitreya Red @ Fameshed

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

4 May 2015


“I was performing my ritual of sipping tea, shooting flirtatious glances and planning murder” 

- Mingmei Yip, Peach Blossom Pavillion -

.Shi : Kimono Neck Warmer [. Fitted Mesh] @ CCB

.Shi : Wrap Bustier [Maitreya] @ CCB

Xo, Asa

3 May 2015


“poets. have 
the toughest job
in the universe-

of turning silence
into eloquence.” 

- Sanober Khan -

Miamai - Goccia hat "Flora"
MG - Necklace - Skylla Immortal Horse @ Fameshed
(Espy) - Jersey/Satin Dress - White @ Fameshed
RO - Neon Dream Headphones - White @ Fameshed
AZOURY - ELOQUENCE Platforms Heels (Maitreya) - White @ TCF May 4th

Xo, Asa