30 Jun 2015

:.Perle Noire.:

“I saw pearls in her mouth and the velvet cushion of her tongue and I heard the magic words come out of her.” 

- Glenda Millard, A Small Free Kiss in the Dark -

AZOURY France - Perle Noire headwear for The Chapter Four 

Half Price Room: L$144
Real price: L$289
Open: July 4th

Xo, Asa

27 Jun 2015


“I always think boredom is to some extent the fault of the bored.” 

- Kate Ross, Cut to the Quick -

[Entwined] Alessa hair for Shiny Shabby
*_M.birdie Story_* shoulder belt leather dress for Shiny Shabby

Cafe Decor by 8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe 

Location Silverhöjd

Xo, Asa

:.Murder, She Wrote.:

“I’ve always felt that the best place to hide a body is in the trunk of a cop car, 
with a note affixed to the body that reads, “I’m sorry.” 

- Jarod Kintz -

Featuring h.m.a.e.m. - Nina in Cream
Available only at HATE ME AND EAT ME mainstore at Rue A La Plage

“It was fine and good to be defiant to the end, but it was better not to get caught in the first place.” 

- Julie Kagawa -

Location Silverhöjd

Xo, Asa

16 Jun 2015


“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” 

- Jack Kerouac, On the Road: the Original Scroll -

.Shi : POW BB.Cap [Unisex.Unrigged]
Wonton Femme: Lightweight Denim Overcoat / Blak @ Kustom9
Addams // A-Brand Leather Pants // Maitreya @ Kustom9 
Baiastice - Karen Scarf-grey-Resizable
[Deadwool] Mercury handbag - natural (white stripes)
[sYs] HARLEY biker boots (F) - black 

Xo, Asa

14 Jun 2015

:.Marry Me.:

“There I was, cold, isolated and desperate for something I knew I couldn't have.
A solution. A remedy. Anything.

...I hated it. Alone and confused was the last place I wanted to be.
Somehow I knew I deserved this.” 

- Brian Krans, A Constant Suicide -

SAS - Acacia Wedding (+ Omega appliers)
[SWaGGa] I'm a Bunneh Mask @ !ndustry
GizzA - Baroque Fiori / Collar & Marigold
Kalopsia - Blubeard Sword (Wear/Add Me)
.Shi : Leg Harness {LEATHER-FEMME}
JD - Annie Leather White Maitreya @ Fameshed

Xo, Asa

13 Jun 2015


“He had seen me several times, and had intended to call on me long before, 
but a peculiar combination of circumstances had prevented it.” 

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby -

Dark Passions - Tweedle Me - Modern Dress @ Alice in Sexyland
(fd) Cat - 17 Over Shoulder RARE
DRIFT - Armwarmers Unisex [Mesh]- Onyx
{mon tissu} - Sophmore Satchel / Down Strap ~ Matted Red
.Shi : Leg Harness {LEATHER-FEMME} 
JD - Annie Suede Red Maitreya @ Fameshed

* (Hair painted over with strands by Rayne Morgan, hat by ESPY)

Xo, Asa

12 Jun 2015

:.Boys Don't Cry.:

“Don't you know that boys don't cry?' Adam grinned. 
'Shall I tell you something I've only recently discovered,' I replied, not attempting to hide the tears rolling down my face and not the least bit ashamed of them. 'Boys don't cry, but real men do.” 

- Malorie Blackman, Boys Don't Cry -

Izzie's - Gentleman's Sunglasses - black
(Kunglers) Ciri earrings - Golden @ On9
(Kunglers) Radija necklace - Gold & Citrine @ We <3 RP
** DIRAM ** STELLA Shoulder Coat - Leather @ On9
GizzA - Joy Racerback Tank [Silk]
Addams // Epiphany Short w/ Belt // Maitreya @ C88
.Shi Gift : Gears Studded Handphone Case [V2] *
.Shi Gift : Namecard Holder [Unisex . Unrigged] *
BALACLAVA!! MixTex Bangles (Black) 
JD - Annie Leather Black Maitreya @ Fameshed

*.Shi Group Gift available for limited time only!

Xo, Asa

9 Jun 2015


“She didn't quite know what the relationship was between lunatics and the moon, but it must be a strong one, if they used a word like that to describe the insane.”

- Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die -

AZOURY - Imogène headpiece for Alice in Sexyland
Open 12th to 26th June

Foxes - Summer Love - Jacket - Med - Donut @ C88
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Mesh Bra
Baiastice - Leather short gloves - black
(fd) Simple Retro Swim Bottoms - Watermellon Fruity Booty @ C88
Maitreya - Thigh High Boots - Black Gold Snake

Xo, Asa

8 Jun 2015

:.She Loves Him So.:

“She loves him so
but he didn't stay.
The wind can't blow
this storm away.” 

- Phoebe Stone, Romeo Blue -

Addams // Oufit Epiphany (Short & Top) for Collabor88
Similar Imperia Patent Shoes for Slink Feet - Black

Xo, Asa

7 Jun 2015

:.Join Me.:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.
 And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

- Friedrich Nietzsche -

~Chimeric Fashions~ Elaborate Updo (Black) @ We <3 RP
Dead Apples - Phantom Eyes - Blind Rage (colors enchanted in PS)
Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Vampire Line ( Polar ) 03 applier @ We <3 RP
.Loud Mouth. - Vampire teeth 
[The Forge] Valkyrie Ears (Black) @ We <3 RP
(Kunglers) Radija necklace - Gold & Citrine @ We <3 RP
Peqe - Bali Shrug 
Peqe - Autumn Maxi dress 

Xo, Asa

5 Jun 2015


“She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes. She spoke to no one. She spent hours on the riverbank. She smoked cigarettes and had midnight swims...” 

- Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things -

AZOURY - Harmonie Headwear (Red) @ On9

h.m.a.e.m. - Lucille dress - Night @ EVENT@1ST

Xo, Asa

4 Jun 2015

The amazing Adventure of Imogen - If the Key doesn't fit ?

“You want me to give you a key?" Imogen asked.

"I want you to give me a possibility," Mary told her, looking at Imogen's necklace again. "And that's what a key represents. An open door, a chance. You know?” *

“You really can't go home again. Sometimes, that's a good thing. Sometimes, when you try, you find out that home isn't really there anymore... but that it wasn't only in your head before. Home actually existed. Home wasn't just a dream. Sometimes, that's the best thing of all.” **

+Spellbound+ Nightshade II // Chapter I : Earth
::{u.f.o}:: favorite saurus - headband - yellow
::{u.f.o}:: favorite saurus - costume - yellow
* SORGO - OCDS's Necklace
* SORGO - OCDS's Pin
* SORGO - Room Key B
* SORGO - Room Key E
All from The Arcade (but the hair)

* Quote by Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key (names edited)
** Quote by Mira Grant, Blackout

Xo, Asa

The amazing Adventure of Imogen - Something happened to Mary

"Did you see those monsters? Have you ever seen such apparitions? Ever even heard of such things? 
You and I both know, creatures like that don't exist..."'

“Oh," Imogen said to Mary, shaking her head. "Don't be so simple. People adore monsters. They fill their songs and stories with them. They define themselves in relation to them. You know what a monster is, young shade? Power. Power and choice. Monsters make choices. Monsters shape the world. Monsters force us to become stronger, smarter, better. They sift the weak from the strong and provide a forge for the steeling of souls. Even as we curse monsters, we admire them. Seek to become them, in some ways." Her eyes became distant. "There are far, far worse things to be than a monster.” *

booN - TKI808 hair black
Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon Dress - Mint @ The Arcade

* Quote by 
Jim Butcher, Ghost Story (names edited)

P.S. You can download the PSD file of the background layers for your own use here

Note, background is fully made by me from the scratch, and all images used are free to use downloads from web.

3 Jun 2015

The amazing Adventure of Imogen - The Beginning

“My name is Imogen. I've never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw....With no big crews following , I am joined only by my fellow investigator Mary, Bloody. The two of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn...
These are our Ghost Adventures.”


Imogen: Dude, one thing the guy said is you don’t taunt voodoo.
Mary: Am I taunting?
Imogen: Dude, you’re taunting the crap out of it!
Mary: I am sorry, I am not taunting you I am just talking...Talking loudly.” *


*Dura - Girl*33 (Black) 
.S&S. - Summer Splash - Shark Mask @ The Arcade
* SORGO - OCDS's Necklace @ The Arcade
!:Lybra:! N'Bunny Collar Black Leather (Platinum)
*COCO* - F.Doll -FeatherDress (Black)
* SORGO - OCDS's Pin @ The Arcade

{what next} 'Pirate' Wearable Row Boat RARE
RO - The Doll Maker - Bloody Mary Doll
.S&S. Summer Splash - Blue Snorkel @ The Arcade
[ WoO ] Racer Beetle (Globemallow Leaf Beetle) @ The Arcade
[ WoO ] Racer Beetle (Pearl) @ The Arcade

* Quotes by Zak Bagans. Some names or locations might have been changed by me.

Xo, Asa


“When I walk, I walk with you. Where I go, you're with me always.” 

- Alice Hoffman, The Story Sisters -

[Entwined] Nymeria hair @ We <3 RP June 4th
* S O R G O - Bauta Mask
.:Soul:. Uni Ears - High Elf
SAS - Issy Turquoise Gown 
Alchemy - Dreams - Wristlets - White - RARE

Izzie's - Kite Pose #9

Location L'Arc en Ciel

Xo, Asa

1 Jun 2015


“The light of an early Summer afternoon as it slips toward dusk has so many good things wrapped up in it..” 

- Brandi L. Bates -

.~Tableau Vivant~ Theda hair - Basics
Genesis - Head Maya1.0 (Group Gift, 200L to join)
*COCO* JacketOverShoulders (Pink)
*COCO* LaceCropTop (White) @ Fameshed
Addams // Bermuda Denim Rolled Up w/ Belt // Maitreya @ Fameshed
=Zenith= Summer Platform (Milk) Maitreya @ Fameshed

Just Magnetized - Genesis Septum - Gold / Crystal (small)
.random.Matter. - Norbu Wrist Cuff (Copper)
Izzie's - Bunny Watch (Orange)
Luas - Fiore Bag Orange

Scene at L'Arc en Ciel
8f8 - Green Grocers @ The Arcade June'15

Xo, Asa