26 Apr 2015


I have not chosen to being it
But it is there, "The Innamoramento"
Love, death, perhaps...
But suspending time for one word
Everything dilates and yields to all
And it is there, "The Innamoramento"
Its whole being imposes itself on us
Maybe finally find an echo... *

AZOURY - Innamoramento high-heeled (Red) for The Dark Style fair  May 1st, 2015 7AM SLT

C L A Vv. Mechanical Insect Wings for TAG Gacha
C L A Vv. Mechanical Spider Bulb Mono 
C L A Vv. Mechanical Ant Bulb Mono
MudHoney - Victoria Chair - Black for TAG Gacha

Xo, Asa

*Translated from French

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