3 Jun 2015

The amazing Adventure of Imogen - The Beginning

“My name is Imogen. I've never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw....With no big crews following , I am joined only by my fellow investigator Mary, Bloody. The two of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn...
These are our Ghost Adventures.”


Imogen: Dude, one thing the guy said is you don’t taunt voodoo.
Mary: Am I taunting?
Imogen: Dude, you’re taunting the crap out of it!
Mary: I am sorry, I am not taunting you I am just talking...Talking loudly.” *


*Dura - Girl*33 (Black) 
.S&S. - Summer Splash - Shark Mask @ The Arcade
* SORGO - OCDS's Necklace @ The Arcade
!:Lybra:! N'Bunny Collar Black Leather (Platinum)
*COCO* - F.Doll -FeatherDress (Black)
* SORGO - OCDS's Pin @ The Arcade

{what next} 'Pirate' Wearable Row Boat RARE
RO - The Doll Maker - Bloody Mary Doll
.S&S. Summer Splash - Blue Snorkel @ The Arcade
[ WoO ] Racer Beetle (Globemallow Leaf Beetle) @ The Arcade
[ WoO ] Racer Beetle (Pearl) @ The Arcade

* Quotes by Zak Bagans. Some names or locations might have been changed by me.

Xo, Asa

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