29 Apr 2014

.frilled. by a.n.c.Ltd

"Unfading moths, immortal flies, And the worm that never dies. And in that heaven of all their wish, There shall be no more land, say fish."

-Rupert Chawner Brooke-

Fantasy Fair 2014 is just around corner, starting 1st of May. Aki from a.n.c.Ltd has been very very busy lately making products for us to enjoy. Here's a sneak peek of the FrilledFish and Mayflies.

I used Frilledfishes here as a decor for the set but they do actually swim! You can choose between 3 different patterns via menu. Colors are amazing and there's all together 18 different tones to choose!

Oh la laa!!!

Mayflies comes in clear tone and in 4 different styles depending of your needs for the spread of the fly. I just love these all!!!!

Hugs, Asa


  1. omg i need those fish and mayflies :))

    1. Hei Hazy :) Yes, they are lovely. Now go get em ;) the fair is open already!