4 Jan 2015

I Am (Tired Of Blogging)

The title of the post makes me a bit sad yet relieved at the same time... I don't know if there's something with the 5 year SL mark or what, but I have recently lost my interest into the "game".

So I guess I'm needing a break.. A long break...

Let's make one thing clear - I'm not saying I'm shutting down the blog for good! 

But now... What once grew out of love and felt fresh, casual, and intrinsically rewarding would become a dreary obligation... and  I'm supposed to be doing this for fun.

I find quoting Mark Twain in Innocents abroad - very appropriate for the mood

First day "glorious (on and on and on for 10 or twenty paragraphs.)

By the second week, journal entry is:
"Today, same as yesterday."

With all my Love,

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