30 Jan 2015


You fight to kill the dragon you bargain with the beast
Then you sail into a sight
You run along the rainbow and never leave the ground
Still you don't know why

Whenever you dream you're holding the key
I opens the door to let you be free

And find the sacred heart, somewhere bleeding in the night
Run for the light and you'll find the sacred heart

[Deadwool] Bowler hat - black
little bones. Birdie - blonds
^^Swallow^^ Septum Ring HeartWings
(BYRNE) SacredHeart White Bolero-RedHeart @ The Instruments Feb 6th
(BYRNE)SacredHeart LaceSkirt-White w/ RedHeart @ The Instruments Feb 6th
(Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Necklace - Classic Ivory 
1992 // Collar Crop Top (Black)
LaGyo_Fran vinyl bow belt Red
AZOURY - Melancholy Bouquet of Flowers

Location L'Arc-en-Ciel

xo, Asa

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